Rabu, 12 Agustus 2015

Tricks To Hemorrhoid Not Relapse Due to gradually Sitting in Car When Loss

SMILE CUTE - Stuck in traffic jams while the reverse flow widths can make a person sitting in the car for a long time. Not impossible, many hours sitting in the car without a break trigger a recurrence of hemorrhoids or piles.

It said Dr. Panondang Panggabean Spb of Clinic Home Hemorrhoids, sitting for a long time in the car especially no break can make hemorrhoids recur. Therefore, the time is too long sitting, the veins in the anus will be filled with blood. Well, the movement was slow and collected blood in the blood vessels so that blood vessels swell.

"Especially when fitting fasting diet lacking in fiber and wasirnya had relapsed before going home, the condition may get worse after going home. Suppose that had grade 3 wasirnya it should be inserted into the anus with rocks encouragement, could be a grade 4," said Dr. Panondang moment detikHealth contacted on Monday (07/20/2015).

A little different when experienced hemorrhoids were still in grade 1 or 2 then turning the wheel when going home or going home is not too problematic. As with the grade 4 hemorrhoids patients are advised not to drive because of a lump of blood vessels that swell can cause pain so concerned would feel uncomfortable while driving.

To avoid a recurrence of hemorrhoids because sitting too long in the car due to stuck in traffic, Dr. Panondang suggest multiply the consumption of water and do not forget to eat vegetables and fruits are a source of fiber for the body. When there is time, then rest for a moment.

"Kan we ourselves can feel that ass began to feel hot and there is a rest area, stop first, then walk a short break or wiggle the body for blood flow. If ambeiennya had grade 3 but may drive carefully and to prevent not be grade 4 can usually be solved with a fixed consumption of drugs or topical ointments. Do not eat too spicy, "said a doctor who also practices in RS Medika Permata Hijau.

For external hemorrhoids, according to Dr. Panondang indeed occur without any symptoms but appeared clots that trigger pain. In such patients, it is important to maintain hygiene for example when urinating in public toilets. The goal, in order to avoid infection of the hemorrhoids are located outside the anus.

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