Rabu, 26 Agustus 2015

Pilgrims wary Health Problems Due to Climate Change

Smile Cute - Wave departure of Indonesian pilgrims to the Holy Land of Mecca has begun. In this year, the number of Indonesian pilgrims who went to the Holy Land around 168,000 people. 

There is a sense of enthusiasm and serene perceived pilgrims while performing worship. His intention, upon arriving in Mecca worship process. Unfortunately in some early reports haj, but many pilgrims were attacked by dehydration. 

"The main thing that must be considered by pilgrims today is the holy land of the hot temperatures," said Dr. Ari F. Sham, former Regional Health Workers and the Workers Health Haji Haji ONH Special-plus in a statement received by CNN Indonesia. 

"The prospective pilgrims must anticipate the extreme weather conditions that exist today in the holy land, especially weather Medina which became the first city to be visited by the pilgrims at the beginning of the current fleet." 

Ari disclosed, sacred soil temperature at this time during the day reaching 42 degrees Celsius, on the afternoon of 38 degrees Celsius. While the temperature at night to 32 degrees Celsius and the morning of 36 degrees celsius. 

With the hot weather it is only 16 percent humidity. It is estimated that the average temperature in the hottest month of September can reach 40 degrees Celsius. This condition is exacerbated by sun shines for 11 hours. 

"Compared with the current Jakarta temperature only 33 degrees Celsius with 49 percent humidity." 

Ari added, the hot weather conditions in the holy land, there are some health problems that often struck pilgrims, especially from Indonesia. "Health problems most often occur with differences in temperature and humidity are dehydration," he said. 

Dehydration or lack of body fluids must be dealt with quickly. When not treated immediately and continuously exposed to the hot sun, the patient will experience dehydration heat stroke.  

"Heat stroke can result in death." Differences in temperature and humidity in this holy land vary dramatically with Jakarta.

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